My name is Brecht Jongbloet, and I am born in 1999.
I am a graduate of visual design at LUCA Gent -
the education I started after completing the
one-year graphic design course at Syntra.

I am currently at work as a freelancer, which gives me the chance to explore the broader work field. The art sector as a whole strongly fascinates me. Besides my - obvious - love for everything related to graphic design, I am also very interested in music. Both listening to and studying music as well as the visual design of, for example, album covers, inspire me when creating my work. That inspiration can be fairly direct, but music can also just be present in the background during my creative process.

As a starting point for that creative process, I prefer to work analogously, preferably by using illustrations if this is relevant. I then like to link this analogue aspect to the digital, in order to arrive at a combination in which both forms challenge and reinforce each other. The connection between these two ways of working usually consists of the scanner. When experimenting with the scanner, I ask myself: what are the unique possibilities here? And where are the limits? I also enjoy experimenting with different textures and materials.

Another major field of interest is that of typography. Hereby, I investigate the following question: what are the limits of linking the functional to the aesthetical? And should functionality always be in the centre?

With my work I try to express – provisional – answers to all these questions. The challenges of the ever-changing field and the assignments I receive force me to reinvent myself over and over. This allows me to challenge and surpass both myself and my previous work.