Safe The Night
visual identity, bachelor assignment, gide, safe(r) space

Safe the Night is a toolkit that consists of a guide with attached derivatives to help nightlife organizations achieve a safe(r) space.

The guide consists of 3 parts: before, during and after an event. Each part helps the organization in its own way to achieve a safe(r) space. Within the guide, reference is always made to the various derivatives in the toolkit that the organization can use.

As an example one of the derivatives is an ambient tape that can be played at a party's chill-out zone.

The choice of this medium stems from the belief that the analog, real and tangible nature of a cassette offers more peace and feeling with the immediate environment of the listener.

The tape contains two five-minute tracks that attempt to make digital music more understandable in a critical state.

I see this project as a step in the right direction. The guide can still use many additions and adjustments, so it is certainly not finished yet.