Exerizer Censored
typography, font design, rework

Exerizer Censored is a reworking on the font sky fox, from the arcade game, sky fox exerciser 1987. The original font from the sky fox arcade game was designed in a limited 8x8 pixel grid with 1 strip serving as space between characters. The font uses a variation of grayscale to imitate thin pen strokes.

Naturally, Exerizer censored was also designed within the same 8x8 grid. In Exerizer censored, the pixel is replaced by a symbol sequence with 7 weights. The use of these 7 weights in each letter visualizes the thin pen strokes and thus functions in a similar way to the grayscale in Sky Fox. Exerizer Censored itself also has 7 weights that both visualize the difference in pen stroke very clearly and make it disappear completely.

Following this font I created a type specimen.

This is work in progress, visualizing the pen strokes is being improved. Work is also being done to add lower cases.