Poster Affair Clubnight
print, printing and scanning
Affair merchandise
merch, embroidery, screen printing
Merchandise for affair consisting of:
an embroidered fleece,
a screen-printed T-shirt
and a mug

Maturing Affair identity
identity update,  illustration, printing and scanning
Reworking the original elements made the identity more mature.
The recognisability of the original identity gave way to choosing
a more limited and unspecified colour palette.

The new identity works more easily with
images and performs better on both
digital and print media.

Birth Affair identity
visual identity, typography, illustration, animation

Affair is a leuven based collective that hosts events
around electronic music within a stimulating environment
of scenography and architecture. this collective focuses on love,
physical encounters and the revival of both after the first few lockdowns.

The overall design I created for them is built around tactility.
The visual identity, illustrations and typography were (partly) made by me.