A tribute to Charlotte Rhode
typography, gadgets, illustration, packaging, identity

homemade cup

I had the chance to make a tribute (work) about the typographer Charlotte Rhode. I researched her work and interviewed her about it. After gathering all these insights I created this work that tries to represent charlotte as a person as well as a typographer.

The tribute (work) has a long and horizontal size
and the hierarchy in the book is as little as possible distinguished by size. This is a reference
to Charlotte’s political views on patriarchy.
Working horizontally and making distinctions not dependent on size, breaks through the vertical
structure of our society. 

The horizontal and vertical placement of typography and illustration form a composition that prompts the reader to turn the book repeatedly. The reader must make an effort to adopt a different way of thinking by looking at the book from a different point of view.
The moon is a translation of the feminine
and different emotions.

The tribute (work) was created by a combination 
of analog and digital techniques. This is a tribute to Charlotte her work process that consists of the collaboration of analog and digital techniques.
Also my gadgets (keychains and cup)
are completely analog fot this reason.

The packaging is simple but above all transparent,
to interpret vulnerability. It is important to not only show finished work but also your
mistakes and work proces.